The Quebec-based aircraft manufacturer Avionnerie Val-d’Or (AVD) is developing a Supplemental Type Certificate (STC) under CAR 523 airworthiness requirements for the DHC-2 Beaver. As part of their effort, AVD is bringing significant improvements to the aircraft by replacing the internal combustion engine with a 750 hp rated PT6-34 gas turbine, and introducing the BX Wing conversion providing improved aerodynamics and increased fuel capacity.


  • Definition of a flight test data methodology in collaboration with certification authorities;
  • Execute flight test data reduction and compile aircraft performance specifications into the Pilot Operating Handbook (POH);
  • Assess the damping and ampliture of characteristic modes of the aircraft’s tail configuration to detect flutter up to dive speed (VD) in collaboration with certification authorities and various experts;
  • Perform the structural design of a composite cowling including associated fasteners and inserts;
  • Perform sensitivity study of ducted fan noise with respect to design features and operating parameters;
  • Produce intermediate certification reports (external loads and structural substantiation).

Throughout this project, Optis interfaced with the customer and Design Approval Representatives (DARs) to provide results and designs meeting airworthiness requirements.