• New product Development
  • Performance Optimization
  • Fan & Pump Failure Forensics
  • Energy Efficiency Audit
  • Asset Instrumentation & monitoring
A very big turbine Goldex with workers working on it


  • Pressure-Flow (P-Q) Surveys
  • Fan Performance Calibration
  • High Frequency Vibration Testing
  • Acoustic Testing


Over the years, OPTIS developed tools and software to solve the most recurring challenges associated with the design and operation of turbomachinery. The following software are fully supported, developed, and distributed by OPTIS:

AXIS® – Mining Fan Selector

Designed with mining ventilation teams in mind, AXIS helps to select the best fan within a portfolio as a function of environmental and operating conditions.

LiveFlo® – Mining Fan & Pump Monitoring

Underground mining fan & pump health monitoring software. LIVEFLO® helps preventing equipment failures in the field.