• Performance Optimization
  • Noise Reduction
  • Turbomachinery Failure Forensics
  • New Product Development
  • Asset Instrumentation & Monitoring
Close shot on a propeller outside an hagar


  • Mechanical Design | CAD
  • Structural Analyses | FEA
  • Computational Fluid Dynamics | CFD
  • Computational Aeroacoustics | CAA
  • Vibration & Acoustic Testing
A machining propeller in silver getting worked on


Over the years, OPTIS developed tools and software to solve the most recurring challenges associated with the design and operation of turbomachinery. The following software are fully supported, developed, and distributed by OPTIS:


An axial turbomachinery noise prediction & optimization software tailored for aircraft propulsion and ventilation engineers. OptiSound is ideal for teams seeking to reduce the noise signature of ducted fans, propellers and rotor blades.